Hot air welding


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Hot air welding

Want to get proficient quickly in hot air welding? You’ll become expert at this plastic welding process in the shortest of time with a comprehensive VCL course.

What is hot air welding?

Hot air welding relies on the principle of a hot air stream. This is used to heat the weld joint. You then apply specific pressure to push a filler rod into the weld joint.

Theory and practical

To get proficient in hot air welding, you need intensive practical training and a similar theory course to underpin it. The following subjects are covered in theory classes:

  • Safety
  • Material properties
  • Equipment operation
  • Welding joint preparation
  • Correct working practice
  • Welding imperfections
  • Standards and regulations


Hot air welding is the ideal process for producing drip trays and constructing or repairing plastic structures.

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