Extrusion welding course


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Extrusion welding course

Take our extrusion welding course and learn all there is to know about plastic welding processes, from initial preparation to final inspection of the welded joint.

What is extrusion welding?

With extrusion welding, you connect workpieces together by forcing hot extruded plastic into the welding joint. The plastic is heated and moulded using an extruder.

Welded joint preparation

You will learn more about different weld joint preparation on an extrusion welding course.

  • Fillet welds
  • Single V-joint
  • Double V-joint

Theory overview

We pay attention to:

  • Safety
  • Material properties
  • Equipment operation
  • Welding joint preparation
  • Correct working practice
  • Welding imperfections
  • Standards and regulations


Extrusion welding is used frequently in the chemical industry, for water harvesting and management, and constructing swimming pools and ponds.

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