Electrofusion course


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Electrofusion course

Want to know more about electrofusion in plastics? This welding process will no longer hold any secrets following a course with VCL. Read more, or sign up.

What is electrofusion?

Electrofusion is a welding process where you use an electrofusion sleeve to join two plastic tubes together. You can also use saddle welding equipment to create T-pieces using this method.

Theory section

A theory section follows a practical session. The following topics are covered:

  • Safety
  • Material properties
  • Equipment operation
  • Correct working practice
  • Welding imperfections
  • Standards and regulations


Electrofusion has applications in the distributions of fluids and gases. It is used in making new pipes and in modifying or repairing existing ones. We also see electrofusion pop up regularly with sanitary equipment.

  • In sanitary applications
  • Gas and water distribution
  • Data cable trunking
  • Petrochemical installations

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