Plastics welding courses

Plastics welding courses

Our plastics department has two principal routes:

  • Training in electrofusion and butt fusion welding of distribution pipelines for gas, drinking water and waste water.
  • Training in other plastics welding processes: hot air and extrusion welding.

In gas and water distribution, and sewerage systems

For this course we provide two standard packages:

  • PE welding course focussing on gas distribution
  • PE welding course focussing on drinking water distribution
  • PE welding course for sewerage systems

Each course ends with a welder inspection. The welded test pieces are inspected by an accredited laboratory in accordance with ISO 17024.

Other plastics welding processes

Are you looking for a personalised welding course for electrofusion, butt fusion welding, hot air welding or extrusion welding? In our plastics department you’ll become proficient in every process. If desired, we also issue certificates.

We arrange courses covering polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyamide (PA).

These welding processes have several applications. Hence we train clients from various sectors: petrochemical, earthworks, constructions of water management systems, etc.

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