Metal welding qualification

Metal welding qualification

Get your metal welding qualification with VCL. We hold inspections every Friday to just about every international welding standard. SGS or an accredited testing body verify the qualification testing.

Choosing qualifications

Does the world of standards seem like a maze? We work jointly with you to see which certificates your company requires.

How does certification work?

  • You can get certification every Friday at VCL
  • All our examinations take place on site.
  • You get the results by end of day.
  • All certificates are sent by post to the client on Friday evening.
  • In urgent cases we send a pdf version by email. So your welders can get straight to work.

Why a certificate from VCL?

There are various reasons to get your certification from VCL:

  • Excellent facilities, with, among other things, modern X-Ray equipment, macrographic inspection, bend and snap testing, etc.
  • Results are already available by end of day. Choose a silver or gold package and even get them the same day by email.
  • Access to “VCL Cert”, user-friendly records system for managing welding certificates.

Popular standards

VCL issues certificates for, amongst others:


  • EN ISO 9606-X: European standard for qualification testing of metal welders
    • 9606-1: qualification testing of welders. Steels.
    • 9606-2: qualification testing of welders. Aluminium.
    • 9606-4 qualification testing of welders. Nickel alloys.
  • ASME IX: American standard for welding qualifications
  • ISO 24394: welding for aerospace applications qualification
  • NBN EN 15085 or EN 14276-1: qualification of brazers
  • NBN EN 17660: qualification of welders of reinforcing steel
  • EN ISO 14555: qualification of arc stud welders

You can also rely on us for individual welding processes (PQR/LMK)

Need training first?

Want to improve your chances of success? We also offer training courses. You can learn all the secrets of metal welding under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Any questions? Want more information? Get in touch. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible.