Metal welding courses

Metal welding courses

Welded parts are found everywhere. In the transport sector, petrochemicals, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction sector … to name a few.

It also comes as no surprise then that our metals department is the biggest within VCL. There is room for no fewer than 50 welders – each with their own welding booth.

Our winning hand

4 reasons to book a metal welding course with VCL:

  • Every course is personalised and geared towards the candidate’s specific needs
  • Our highly qualified welding instructors have years of experience and will guide you from A to Z.
  • Our planning team get everything ready for you. So you waste no time and can spend the whole course actually welding.
  • You get immediate feedback based on destructive and non-destructive inspection, including X-ray inspection.

100% personalised

Learn more about how we arrange personalised metal welding courses for you.

Step 1: contact and analysis

You get in touch via the website, by telephone or email. We carry out an audit of the type of welding work in your organisation, assess the welders’ skill levels and identify the qualifications required. In most cases this is clear straight away. Alternatively, we check with you there and then.

Step 2: defining course content

We define the course duration, location and timing, with a view to obtaining the qualifications above.

Step 3: training course

During the course, our support team will modify it as necessary. Passed? We will issue the certificates required. Courses without certification are also perfectly possible.

Any questions? Want more information? Get in touch. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible