Metal welding

Metal welding

The metals industry needs more and more qualified welders. At VCL you can opt for personalised training, including certification.

Training Courses

We offer courses in various welding processes: from TIG welding to brazing/soldering. Experienced instructors teach you all the tricks of the trade.


Need a particular qualification for a project? Then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll get various qualifications to international standards with us, such as EN ISO 9606, ASME, EN 13585, …. With these qualifications in welding you automatically meet the requirements of construction standards such as EN 15085 for railway applications, the Pressure Equipment Directive, EN 1090 for structural steel, …


We’ll help you face every challenge:

  • Questions about implementing international welding standards?
  • Need help choosing a suitable welding process?
  • Questions about selecting a filler material?
  • Problems specifying the correct welding parameters?

Who is it for?

We arrange personalised training and certification for large global concerns as well as SMEs and self-employed traders.