Welding Courses

Expertise is essential to weld a joint properly. Whether metal or plastic. Expertise is what you’ll gain at VCL. With help from our instructors, you’ll become proficient in every welding process there is.

A welding course at VCL

Our experienced welders will teach you all the tricks of the trade. They adapt the course to you and get you ready for the future certification you need. Whether a large global concern, SME or self-employed trader.

Which processes can be studied?

In our metals department, you will find out about not just mainstream processes such as TIG, semi-automatic and shielded electrode welding. With VCL you are in the right place for special processes, too. We’ll teach you all the secrets of stick welding, welding, welding reinforcing steel, brazing and submerged arc welding.

Additionally, the plastics sector is calling for more and more qualified experts. Our welding courses respond to this. Find out all about various welding processes from electrofusion to extrusion welding, and get the necessary qualifications.

Finally, we provide training courses on protective coatings. Our courses cover every aspect of coating, from preparation to final inspection.