Coating/plating course



Coating/plating course

Does your company want to provide services for underground gas pipelines? Do you want to improve team skills or train a new colleague? VCL has the solution. Our courses cover all aspects of coating, from preparation to final inspection.

Coating processes

The following coating processes are included:


  • PE protective tape
  • Glass fibre-reinforced bitumen tape
  • PE heat shrink sleeves
  • Repair patches
  • Viscoelastic polymers
  • Coal tar-free two-component polyurethane
  • UV-cured glass fibre polyester
  • Using cathodic protection
  • Transition between various coating processes
  • Trenton Wax Tapes


This course focuses on:

  • Surface preparation
  • Correct use of the various coating processes
  • Inspecting and testing the coated pipes

The coating technician also learns sandblasting, working with a bristle blaster, etc.

Who is it for?

The underground pipeline coating/plating course is aimed at coating technicians for all underground gas pipelines and conforms to the Royal Decree of July, 2017.


A coating/plating course lasts 5 days.


After successful theory and practical exams, and practical experience, participants are granted a coating technician permit. This is valid for one year in accordance with Fluxys and Air Liquide requirements.


Accredited coating technicians must attend refresher training every year, coupled with recertification tests for all processes.

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