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1120 Brussels - Belgium

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Training courses
VCL is specialised in tailor made welding training courses, in order to fulfill the direct needs of his client.

Every manual welding technique on every ' weldable ' metal is teached in our centre;

  • shielded metal arc welding ( SMAW)
    • rutile
    • basic
    • celullosic
  • semi-automatique welding ( MIG/MAG and FCAW) )
  • TIG-welding ( GTAW)
  • brazing and soldering
  • plasmawelding
  • orbital welding
  • submerged arc welding (SAW)
Every participant is individual teached and guided , starting from his own experience and skills towards the goal his company sets forwards.

All weldpreparation is carried out by our work preparators.

Continuous inspection and evaluation of the welds of the participant, such as non-destructive testing by Xray control, or destructive testing by bending, fracture tests, macrograpy etc, are common practise in all our training activities.

Every Friday we organise official welding certifications in cooperation with the independent control organism Vinçotte on all brazing and welding techniques
We're specialised in training Welders