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Training course on coating of burried lines
VCL organises the training and yearly requalification of the qualified coaters of burried lines, according to the Fluxys specifications.

The 9 coating systems the coater are tought are :
  • PE wrapping 
  • Glasfiber reinforced bituminous wrappingband
  • PE shrinkage sleeves 
  • repair paths
  • Visco-elastic polymers
  • coaltar free polyurethane 
  • UV-hardening glasfiber polyester
  • application of cathodic protection on pipesurfaces
  • transition between different coating systems

A full training course takes 5 days. After positive results of the theory and practical exam, the student receives his coaters badgeThis badge has a validity of one year

After 1 year, the coater has to present himself for requalification that takes 2 days for the 9 techniques.  Those who can present a logbook of their performed works under Fluxys surveillance, can receive one or more exemptions for certain techniques.

We're specialised in training Welders