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ASME IX qualified welder

Become a qualified welder and get your welder certificate at VCL

 VCL organises weekly the certification of welders according to the actual industrial ASME IX standards and needs. The certification takes place in our center under the supervision and guidance of the official independent control organism Vinçotte.

You can become a qualified welder in :

  • shielded metal arc welding ( SMAW)
    • rutile
    • basic
    • celullosic
  • semi-automatique welding ( MIG/MAG and FCAW) )
  • TIG-welding ( GTAW)
  • brazing and soldering
  • plasmawelding
  • orbital welding
  • submerged arc welding (SAW)

 For more information on getting your welder certificate, please contact us.






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